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Welcome to SweatEck.

Turn your SWEAT into CASH with our official SweatEck Sweat Challenge.

Here at SweatEck, we are all about investments, so we have created a fitness challenge to inspire and educate people about how to invest in the stock market whilst becoming the best version of themselves. Set yourself up with a passive income for FREE. Say YES to the challenge and register your interest today before you miss out.
The more you burn the more you earn


SweatEck Challenge Round 2



About us

What we do

Looking for a way to improve your fitness whilst boosting your income? SweatEck was designed with the lifestyle of modern Britain at heart. Despite our nation’s love of exercise, most of us perform the same exercises each week, and motivation can be hard to find at times. Our mission is to offer you the opportunity to mix business with pleasure by getting paid to workout.
The concept is simple…participate in our workouts and we will pay you for all of the sessions and challenges that you complete. SweatEck is partnered with one of the leading financial investment companies Etoro, to deliver an effective way of delivering passive income. The steps are also simple…
Step 1 - Register on our website today
Step 2 - Join us on the day of the event and workout with us
Step 3 - Upon completion of the session we will provide you with a cash reward which is yours to keep! The amount that you are rewarded with will be based on how much you have exercised. This will all be tracked through an app.
Our workouts are super fun and easy to learn, so no need to worry about your lack of fitness as we accommodate all fitness levels. Each exercise is designed to tone your muscles and burn any unwanted fat.

Who we are

SweatEck was first envisaged by its Founder Daniel Francis. Whilst perfecting his craft as a fitness advisor, he came across many clients who would often compromise workouts with the need to focus on other life admin tasks and on some occasions working extra hours at their job. Determined to develop a society where people wouldn’t need to give up exercising to make other areas of their life better he began to devise a solution. The result was the launch of SweatEck. The program has taken off since then and Round 1 was a huge success. We are big advocates of the ‘work hard, play hard notion’ and in 2023 we are going even harder, so we invite you to join us on the journey!


What's up for grabs?

Cold, hard cash in exchange for stocks so you can start your passive income investment journey for FREE.

What does it cost?

Entry is FREE. You just need to bring your A-game and let your sweat do the talking.

What can we expect?

We have created unique fitness challenges to test your cardio, strength, agility and core.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter. We are taking worldwide registrations. All you need is a can-do attitude and the hunger to better your current situation.

What can we expect?

We have created unique fitness challenges to test your cardio, strength, agility and core.

How do we enter?

Register your interest below. We have limited spots available, so get in quick. Spots are filling FAST!

How do I get paid?

Upon session completion, we will require you to sign up to Etoro. Once we receive confirmation of this, we will send the cash straight to your bank account. You will then have the option to purchase stocks with your Etoro account in order to invest your money. The reason why we have partnered with Etoro is to provide you with the chance to grow your hard earned money.

How do I turn my cash to stocks?

Etoro is a leading financial investment company that we are delighted to partner with, in order to make a positive impact on lives. You will be presented with a portfolio of stocks that will stretch your finances even further.

Can I participate remotely?

Of course you can! The call to fitness has no boundaries and we certainly cater to those who cannot make it in person. You will receive virtual link details closer to the time.

Can I partake if I have a health complication or disability?

We endeavor to make SweatEck an inclusive programme for all. Please specify your needs on our registration form and we will be in contact with more information specific to your requirements.

Do I need to be a member of a gym?

Of course not! SweatEck workouts are designed for people with various levels of fitness. However, if you are already an existing gym member we will be offering some lucky participants the chance to have their gym memberships paid off for a year!

What takes place during the day (or each day if multiple)?

Our expert fitness instructor has carefully put together a workout program that is designed to improve your growth, both physically and mentally. He is renowned for developing impactful programs and is excited to be leading the SweatEck workouts.

What should I bring with me on the day?

Bring your A-game…’oh and some and suitable workout clothes’

Can I bring a friend with me?

The more the merrier! Just ensure that your friend registers a place on our website as well. We want to make sure that everybody gets paid

Does the event take place across multiple days?

Each round lasts just 1 day. Sign up today and you’ll be the first to know when the date is released.

Is there a limit on the amount that I can earn?

Cash rewards start from £5 and can increase to several thousand depending on the workout. We will highlight the amount of each exercise on the day.

If you did not find the answer to your question then we would love to hear from you. Please email and a member of our team will respond within 48 hours.

Don’t forget to tag #sweatchallengeaccepted when you sign up!

Join the SweatEck revolution! The more you burn...

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